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Raidho D-5.1 


The Raidho Acoustics D-5.1 is a true 3-way Raidho Diamond Driver loudspeaker. It has two dedicated 115 mm Diamond mid-range and four 8” Diamond bass drivers.


The two mid-range drivers allow for unprecedented dynamic headroom lowers compression and vanishing low distortion figures. The four 8” bass drivers have grip, slam and extend deeper than the music on the recording itself. When you emerge yourself in the physical presence of the D-5 something magical happens: It simply reveals the inner substance of your music with a realism and naturalness that will leave you breathless.


The D-5.1 is a truly unique musical performer and is for those, who really enjoy spending time and effort setting up their system and finding superb matching components, the closest you will ever get to bring “in real life” music experiences into your listening room.

Legacy Whisper XDS 


Armed with dual 500 watt ICEpower® amplifiers in each cabinet, Legacy Audio’s new 24 bit Whisper XDS speaker system sets the mark for dynamic range and imaging accuracy. The Whisper XDS employs a differential acoustic wave-launch which uniquely preserves the directional cues encoded in quality stereo and multichannel recordings. Two full length baffles, driven one behind the other, are digitally synchronized to maintain an ideal directivity pattern.

Raidho C-1.2 

The Raidho Acoustics C-1.1 is the smallest loudspeaker in the C-series. The C-1.1 has been on the market for a number of years and has already become a Raidho classic with numerous awards and ‘Best Buys’.



The M-3PXf provides, in a smaller package package, the true-to-life presence and sonic purity that only a full-range electro- static speaker can deliver. Though intended for smaller listening rooms, the M-3PX performs surprisingly well even in larger rooms.


The intent of the Millennium series is to provide an aesthetic that's more contemporary, having a softer visual impact. which effectively mitigates potential conflict with room decor. This series employs the same high-technology electrostatic panels and electronics that are used in our other series.


Bass-Focus© panel technology is used on all full-range speakers for significantly improved bass dynamics denoted with f on the model name.



The A-1PXf adds elegance to any listening room, both sonically and aesthetically.


The A-1PX and the A-3PX incorporate Sound Lab's advanced technology and wrap it in sumptuous hardwoods.


In the words of reviewer Dick Olsher:

"The A-1 is about elevating reproduced music to the level of the live experience, ... that they succeed to this extent is a miracle that every audiophile should experience at least once in his or her lifetime, ... they've got me excited about music like never before"


In the words of reviewer J. Gordon Holt about the A-3:

"Never in my life have I lived with a speaker that has brought, and continues to bring, as much pleasure, excitement, and satisfaction. In short, I am madly, passionately in love with their sound..."




The U-1PXf not only incorporates Sound Lab's latest electrostatic panel and electronic technologies, it also incorporates a massive steel frame to protect and preserve the critical tolerances of the electrostatic panel.


The heavy duty frame employs three-inch diameter steel support posts that are solidly connected together with 1/2" thick steel brackets, terminating at floor level with spikes for solid floor coupling. The high reactive mass of the framework eliminates frame vibrations, thus eliminating frame resonance and insuring that all sonic energy is converted to music.


Ultimate Series

The Ultimate series employs a painted steel frame into which the electrostatic panel is integrated. The high mass and great strength of this frame insures that all of the vibrational energy of the membrane is converted to sound with virtually no energy being lost in the frame. The Ultimate frame has a space-age appearance that is very attractive in the modern motif.  Toroidal II and Hot-Rod technologies are standard with the Ultimate series.

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