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DirectStream Junior DAC 


DSJ is a technological wonder 


Builds on the same architecture awarded Product of the Year in both Stereophile and TAS, Darko Knock-Out award, Editors’ Choice and Golden Ear awards.


DSJ is an extraordinary performance instrument–handwritten and uncompromised–a pure DSD Digital to Analog Converter uncovering all the missing information long hidden in your audio library, from both PCM and DSD sources.


CD’s, high-resolution PCM, or DSD based media, are expertly upsampled to ten times DSD rate and output as pure analogdirectly into your amplifier or preamplifier.


DSJ is one of the few, true, fully analog DSD devices, that’s setting the industry on its ear and reshaping the landscape of music and high end audio. And soon, it’ll be ROON Ready!


  • Pure 100% DSD-based D to A Converter

  • Fully upgradeable through software releases

  • Built in Bridge II Network streaming Audio input

  • Resolution perfect volume and balance controls built in

  • Upsamples PCM and DSD to 10x DSD rate

  • DXD support

  • Passively filtered high speed output stage

  • Improves imaging and soundstage

  • Simple, direct signal path with one master clock

  • Handwritten filters, processors and upsamplers

  • Immune to incoming jitter problems from different sources

  • Increased digital headroom

  • No off-the-shelf IC DAC chips used

  • FPGA-based circuitry

  • Uncovers musical details masked by typical PCM based processors

  • 6 digital inputs

  • Fully balanced from input to output



EX & CX Music Server / Render


The EX and CX are made to high quality standards. You can use either the EX or the CX as a music server to play direct to your USB or Ethernet DAC. 


The CX offers superior sound quality as well as higher power for Roon users wishing to use Roon’s computing-intensive features such as DSP.  Normally, a more powerful CPU works against sound quality.  Antipodes CX turns these tables and our high-power CX offers a significant step-up in sound quality over the EX.


The CX+EX offers the ultimate in sound quality, competing with CD Transports at several times the price of the CX+EX, and rivaling the best turntable systems at any price. The modular series also offers two ways to extend the functionality of the solution.

Many customers have already ripped their CD collection and use streaming services or download services for new music.  But for those wanting the ultimate ripping solution, the modular series offers the P1 platform.  The P1 platform is carved from a solid block of allow and houses a high quality ripper with the ability to read pits 100 times smaller than the pits on a CD.  Together with our optimised auto-ripping software, the P1 provides you with the best possible ripping result. 


The P1 is the same footprint as the EX or CX, so is placed directly under the server to enhance the server’s vibration isolation. The EX and CX provide high quality USB and Ethernet outputs to feed your DAC, but the P2 Platform extends functionality by offering re-clocked outputs including SPDIF and I2S.  Like the P1, the P2 is carved from a solid block of alloy to enhance its performance, and to enhance the vibration isolation of the server it is placed under.

With this approach you can start with an EX or a CX.  And later you can either upgrade by adding the other server to form the top-of-the-line CX+EX solution, or you can extend the functionality of the servers by adding ripping and an expanded output set.



STREAMER ES: a universal talent


The STREAMER ES with its extensive features is an audiophile high-end network player conceived for HD audio. The STREAMER ES can be used as a UPnP media player, has an internet radio function and also plays back music tracks from a USB flash drive.


The extensive features and excellent sound quality, however, are not the only high-end credentials of the STREAMER ES. A 3.5 inch colour TFT display considerably simplifies operation with the user also able to display cover art.


The formats available for playback leave nothing to be desired. In addition to standard formats such as MP3 and WAV, the very popular FLAC format is also supported, even up to 24 bit / 192 kHz.


The ALACformat is also supported up to 24 bit / 48 kHz. The device has an integrated gapless function with fast-forward and rewind functions for music tracks which serve to increase the ease of operation and enhance the listening experience. The menus are available in the languages of German, English, French and Chinese.


The operation of the STREAMER ES is made intuitively via the supplied IR remote control or with the aid of theACCUSTIC ARTS app (for Android® and Apple® products). The design of the STREAMER ES is compatible with future possibilities for streaming services (e.g. Spotify®, Deezer® etc.). When a software update is available for the STREAMER ES, the user can implement the update easily by merely pressing a button. The download and installation then takes place automatically.


Connection to the home network can be made by cable (LAN) or without cables (Wi-Fi - IEEE 802.11 b/g/n – 2.4 GHz).


The STREAMER ES also has a digital output (e.g. for the connection of an external D/A converter) and a digital input, which can both respectively handle data up to 24 bit / 192 kHz. The digital input transforms the STREAMER ES into a high quality D/A converter for external sources (e.g. CD players, SAT receivers, etc.). If the STREAMER ES is used as a D/A converter, the network section and the display are switched off.



Ayon S-3 Junior


The more affordable Network-Player based on the famous S-3. The downgraded S-3 "junior" version is the answer and offers many design highlights from its bigger brother, the S-3.

One of the major changes at the S-3 "junior" are the power supply system and the tube output stage.

We did the downgrading very carefully and the S-3 "junior" version offer maximum flexibility and a top sound performance in its price class that you would expect from an Ayon product with.

Ayon S-3


The S-3 is a ground-breaking design and this ultimate combination of modern new design and time proven concepts, will deliver music and superb sound performance that you would expect from an Ayon product with maximum home audio flexibility. The S-3 includes a network player, analog preamplifier and a world class D/A-converter that gives the highest obtainable performance.

Ayon S-5


We are proud to introduce a sonically breath-taking model that may be the most musical and musically accurate Network-Player, the tube based S-5. The S-5 offers new dimensions of transparency and holographic. It immediately shows a large soundstage, greater transient speed top-to-bottom, purer resolution of low-level detail and expanded dynamic contrasts, with more bass slam, definition and extension. Compromise was not built into the S-5 design.  

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